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Off season I try to eat as clean as possible, including some of my pre contest foods, however, I eat things like yogurt, granola, salads with nuts, whole wheat breads, pasta and fruit.

Pre contest my diet is a lot more strict with foods that are clean carbs and high proteins. I limit the intake of fruits and basically a lot of the food is the same that I eat...and there isn't too much variety, however I add a lot of no salt added seasonings which make food tasty.

Pre contest:

Protein: egg whites, chicken, white fish, eye of round, bison, tuna
Carbs: Whole wheat bread (one slice which I cut out about about 12 weeks out), brown rice, oats, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables
Supplements: Protein shake, fish oil, vit C, Multivite, Magnesium and calcium

I think its so important to follow a fairly clean diet after any competition and not focus so much on food. I think its difficult when you have to avoid so many types of foods when dieting down and then after the show people tend to just eat and eat to satisfy what we have been deprived of for so long. I find when you don't eat "all the foods everyone else is eating" you tend to appreciate the taste of food a lot more. I find this is how I feel when it comes to food. After a competition or when I get a cheat meal, I tend to savour the food more and appreciate the food. When you are on such a strict diet, you actually taste the food itself as its prepared usually with not too much seasoning and you truly "taste" the food you are eating. There is a lot of will power with this type of lifestyle change. I have such a sweet tooth and I find this the hardest to avoid. I once went to a Scott Abel seminar and I remember something he wrote in his book:

"I measure myself against excellence. I would not miss a workout, or cheat on my diet because commitment and discipline are qualities of character of spirit, like devotion, integrity, self-honesty. By measuring myself against that, the little things like following through with excellence of execution and expecting more are easy by comparison. Diets are not hard, our mental and emotional attachments to them just block clarity of purpose."
- Scott Abel