Height: 5'5
Contest weight: 105lbs
Off season weight: 115lbs


I was born in BC, but raised in Edmonton Alberta and pretty much grew up in St.Albert. I come from a very supportive family. I have two great parents along with two great brothers. Growing up I really never interacted in too many sports, I played Volleyball in junior high school and other than that never was too interested in sports. It was when I hit Grant MacEwan and then onto University that I really started hitting the gym and just have been passionate about fitness ever since. It seemed as each year went on I became more eager to just push harder in the gym. I went to the gym 2nd year and ever since haven't stopped, nor have looked back.

After I graduated from the University of Alberta and got my BSc in Nursing I started working full time and then just made working out a part of my daily routine. I never pushed my self too hard initially, it was more or less just to stay healthy. However, as time goes on in the gym you usually get bored with your workouts and need a challenge. I started reading magazines, doing a little bit of reading and changing my routine a bit... which in turn challenged my body. I started seeing results and that when I would look at the muscle and fitness magazines and thought... I wonder if I could compete. I had a close friend tell me to compete and then I thought I am putting all this effort into at... I might as well give it a shot. Once you start seeing your physique improve and become more toned and see the just motivates you even more.

So after about 6 years of going to the gym I finally found myself a trainer who put me on a "diet" and gave me a workout routine and this is what I followed. After 4 months of intense training and changing my eating habits, I competed in INBF Canada and gave it my all and came out with a Pro card and what an amazing feeling. All that hard work and effort paid off. The competition itself was such an adrenalin rush... I knew I would do it again. So recently, Sept 20th, 2008 I went to New York city and competed in Naturalmania and took 2nd place in Figure and placed 4th in the Ms.Fit Body which is a combination of bodybuilding poses with figure poses. Again it was such a great feeling to be a part of this competition as well as be a part of the Natural Bodybuilding Association. I plan to continue to take the Natural route when it comes to competing as this proves to be most rewarding for me.


  • Will be competing in 2011, stay tuned for show and competition details.
  • June 2010 ABBA, Edmonton placed 10th in figure medium-tall
  • June 2009 Barbados Miss Universe placed 9th in figure medium (WNBF Show)
  • Sept 2008 Naturalmania New York City Placed 2nd in Figure Medium, 4th Ms Fit Body (WNBF Show)
  • March 2008 attained WNBF Pro Card (INBF Edmonton Show) Placed 1st in Figure medium and Won Overall

Thank You

I would like to thank all my family and friends who continue to support me in all my competitions. I would especially like to thank my parents, my dad who is my biggest fan. He has taught me to always pursue what I put my mind to and to never give up. He truly is a role model for me. I would like to thank Steve for always encouraging me to compete and knowing I could do it. Most of all I would like to thank GOD for giving me the strength and patience to prepare and get through each and every competition even at times when it was tough. Thank you to all of you!!!

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